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24K Gold Vibrating Facial Massager - A Luxurious Tool for Rejuvenating Your Skin

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Looking for a luxurious tool to enhance your skincare routine? Our 24K Gold Vibrating Facial Massager is the perfect solution. This sophisticated device is made with pure gold plating and gentle vibrations to help rejuvenate your skin and promote a healthy, glowing complexion.

The vibrations of our facial massager help increase circulation, which promotes cell turnover and reduces puffiness. Plus, the 24K gold plating is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe irritated skin and reduce redness.

Using our facial massager is easy - simply apply your favorite skincare products, and use the massager to gently massage them into your skin. The vibrations help enhance the effectiveness of your products, so you can see maximum results with minimal effort.

Don't settle for a basic skincare routine. Upgrade to our 24K Gold Vibrating Facial Massager and experience the ultimate in luxury and rejuvenation. Order yours today and get ready to see the difference in your skin.

An anti-bacterial material which is safe for you skin. Gold-Plated Germanium T-Bar Creating an Antimicrobial Surface for Safe Contact with Your Skin Vibration Massage therapy is an extremely hit beauty technology & has been a sensation in skincare tools. Activate skin to keep moist and elastic through vibration (Massage). Help in skin blood circulation. Face lift, skin tightening, skin revitalization. Remove eye pouch, Reduce wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead & neck. Give the facial muscle stimulation to achieve a firming effect. Compact and Sleek Design - Perfect for Carrying in Your Purse, Pocket or Bag

Can use in bathroom with waterproof structure. Activate cells, rejuvenates the look of a tired complexion. Use on forehead, cheek, neck, clavicle, shoulder, arm, hands & legs.


Material: Metal

Color: Golden

Frequency: 6500 rotations per minute

Power: 1*AA battery(Not included)

Total length: 143mm

Handle diameter: 16mm

T-shape head: 35mm

Package included:1Set * Energy Beauty Tool

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